An Article on Cecily Brown, Curated by Claire Gilman

Last summer, I had the pleasure of working at The Drawing Center under Chief Curator, Claire Gilman for curatorial work, and Molly Gross for museum communications. While there, I was lucky enough to get glimpses of the plans for the, then, upcoming exhibition Cecily Brown: Rehearsal.  Fast forward months later, IFA Contemporary accepted my article reviewing this remarkable exhibition. This was a particularly exciting opportunity not simply because I worked for Claire from whom I learned so much, and that I absolutely adore Cecily’s practice, but also because this was a show on a woman artist, curated by a woman. In addition to it all, Claire kindly accepted to speak with me on the phone and answer the numerous questions I showered her with. Here is the link to the original article.


View of main gallery wall, The Drawing Center, New York. Photo by author.


Cecily Brown (left) and Claire Gilman (right) during the gallery talk and tour given shortly after the exhibition opening. Photo by author.

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